Sikky Hydraulic Handbrake Kit With Master Cylinder

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The Sikky Pistol Grip E-Brake Handle was built for battle and the final product shows this through and through. Featuring a knurled urethane grip that provides a no slip ergonomic feel, machined 6061 aluminum components that are extremely rigid to guarantee your handle will always pull back strait and firm, and assembled using only the highest quality hardware available, this is the superior e-brake option for you.

For drag racing applications, our handbrake can be used as a staging brake. You can quickly and easily lock the rear brakes, allowing you to preload your vehicle’s drivetrain system. When the brake handle is released, the rear brakes will immediately release.

E-Brake Features:

  • Knurled Urethane Pistol Grip
  • 6 different Anodized colors for the 6061 Aluminum E-Brake Handle
  • Rigid design with Smooth Precise Motion
  • Your Choice of Wilwood Master Cylinder
  • Black Powder Coating on all Mounting Bracket
  • Weighs only 4lbs



  • Be sure to select the correct Master Cylinder
  • Use a “Pass Through” type master cylinder when running the Stash Auto Street kit
  • Use a “Reservoir” type master cylinder when using with the Stash Auto Race kit