96-00 Civic "Street" Brake Tuck (RHD)

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The Stash Auto "Street" brake tuck kit for RHD 96-00 Honda Civic will not only clean up your engine bay but will also improve braking performance! We don’t like the idea of reusing or making you flare the old steel brake lines so we replaced every line from the master cylinder to the start of the caliper line (caliper lines sold separately) with our low expansion PTFE brake hose that is reinforced with a 304 stainless steel braid. We offer five colors for our kits! Also included is a Wilwood adjustable proportioning valve to replace the factory unit. This allows the driver to adjust the rear brake bias to meet the needs of their braking setup. We offer both factory master cylinder and booster eliminator configurations! 

Make sure to add our in line staging brake option if you want a hydraulic handbrake in line to the rear wheels!

All fittings and lines needed for install included in kit.

All of our lines are DOT compliant!

All of our lines are made in house and pressure tested to 3000psi.

We only use the best material and equipment to make our products!