94-01 Integra Fuel Tuck

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Just like our brake tuck kits we designed this fuel tuck kit to replace all of the original fuel lines on the car. Our stainless steel/nylon line is used for the feed and return lines and you can choose from -6 or -8 feed and -6 return. With all of our kits we will include 2 dry break quick disconnect fittings for the feed and return. These quick disconnects are perfect for when you need to disconnect the fuel lines during maintenance or engine removal while preventing fluid loss. Simply push and rotate the two halves of the QDS to connect and disconnect the two halves. When disconnected the two halves close off the flow on both ends. When connected they open up to allow full flow. We also provide a 40 micron AN fuel filter and all fittings needed to connect to your OEM fuel rail as well as the OEM fuel pump hangar. Our kit was designed to work with an aftermarket fuel pressure regulator only!! Due to the outlet of the OEM unit not allowing the use of an fittings we chose to only include the fittings for an aftermarket fuel pressure regulator. If your aren’t running an OEM fuel rail please let us know in the notes what rail you have. Please message us with any other questions at stashautolines@gmail.com


Included in the kit



-6 or -8 Teflon lined/Nylon braided feed line

-6 Teflon lined/Nylon braided return line

40 Micron black AN fuel filter

2 dry break quick disconnects 

5 AN hose separators 

All needed fittings to complete fuel system


Aftermarket Fuel Pressure Regulator Needed!!!!!!